AZ Custom Coatings provides Non-stick coatings, high temperature ceramic coatings, thermal barrier coatings, dryfilm lubricants, heat dissipation coatings, internal engine coatings and cerakote firearm coatings. We guarantee satisfaction and quality coatings on every work order. Bryan Caudron is the owner of AZ Custom Coatings with 15 years experience as a mil spec painter for the aerospace industries from 1992-2007. In 2008 AZ Custom Coatings was established and has 13 years experience spraying automotive headers, motorcycle pipes and functional industrial coatings. Our family has been a leader in the coating industry for over 45 years. We will continue to provide the highest quality coatings in the South West, Phoenix, AZ. U.S.A.

AZ Custom Coatings is located on the South East corner of 48th St. & Baseline Rd. in Tempe, Arizona. With our 30 years experience we use the best coatings available. Also, we use professional masking supplies and work with our clients directly to maintain manufacturers’ specifications to ensure that only the intended areas get coated. AZ Custom Coatings greatly appreciates all the compliments from our customers and businesses we have felt we create a great team with. We welcome all new customers and appreciate your business.


High Performance Coatings

AZ Custom Coatings does all of our high performance coatings. The coating looks great every time and the headers and pistons run excellent on the race car.

Non-Stick Coating Tool Dies
Hi Bryan, I wanted to let you know we ran the dies and they performed very well. I am pleased with the quality of your work and the Non-stick coating you did on our parts. We appreciate your valuable help. Best Regards, Robert
Ceramic Coating Slip-On Mid-Pipes & Race Mufflers
We use AZ Custom Coatings, and are VERY HAPPY with their service and the product they provide us. They are doing the ceramic coating on our Slip-On Mid-Pipes & Race Mufflers, talk to Bryan, he can take care of all your needs, I’m Very Satisfied. -Jeffo
Satin Black Ceramic Coated Pipes
Just picked up my pipes from Bryan at AZ Custom Coatings and they look perfect. Love that satin black ceramic coated finish!

Non-Stick Coating Fixture 
Thanks again for the high release non-stick coating to the fixtures. We tested the coating by applying our glue to it. The glue peeled off easily, which will make our production people very happy. Thank you. Best regards, Ryan
Ceramic Coating Motorcycle Pipes
Bryan, I just wanted to thank you guys for the outstanding work you did for me. The ceramic coating on pipes look awesome! Thanks again. Howard